Are you one of those people who want to put up a wireless network of computers but have no idea on how to go about it? You want to put up the best wireless network available but you have no idea what products are the best in the business today. In order to do that let us start by understanding first what a wireless network is.

A wireless network of computers is a way of connecting a multitude of computers with each other without the use of troublesome wires and cables. It is also a way of connecting these computers to a single Internet connection also, without the use of miles and miles of cables. Wi-Fi, as what a wireless network is now commonly called, receives and transmits data from other computers as well as from the Internet by means of radio signals.

A special radio is used to convert the ones and zeroes of computer data into a radio signal that is then transmitted into other computers which in turn decodes it back into binary code for the computer to read. That’s how simple it really is.

There are several advantages of having your own wireless network at home. First of all, you may be able to network your two computers without further need of cables and wires which can congest your living or office space. All you need to do is have Wi-Fi cards and adapters for your computers and a central Internet access point and you are ready to go. A wireless network also makes it convenient for you if ever you need to rearrange your room or office or move into another home. All you need to do is pack up your wireless router with you and easily install it to your new place.

So what gadgets should I be using? Well to answer your question, we have to take a look at what gadgets you would NEED first. Although it is easy to set up your own wireless network, figuring out exactly what you need remains complicated. You need to sort out through all types of networking products available which includes access points, wireless routers, and adapters of all shapes and sizes. You also have to check for performance, compatibility and affordability. Here are some examples of product that you may want to take a look at.

The basic gear that you may need is setting up a wireless network will be having an access point and an adapter for your PC. Adapters can come in a variety of sizes and shapes for different PC’s and notebooks. But all of them have one basic job to do: to connect a computer to an access point which will connect you to your network and the Internet. You can also choose from a lot of access points available today. All these gadgets are made cheaper as more and more companies offer people many different gadgets to choose from.

If you want a wireless router that does it all and does its work well, then you should look for a multi-band wireless router that can operate on any of the available wireless network systems today such as a wireless multi-band router. This wireless access point can also act as a router, a cable/DSL gateway, a hub and as a firewall.

If you have a notebook that you want to connect on to a wireless network, then you may also need to have a wireless network adapter for your notebook. When you want a card that can easily switch into the different wireless network systems, then you should buy a multi-band wireless network adapter. A multi-band wireless adapter can support all existing wireless standards used today. If there is a signal coming from any available access point, then a multi-band adapter can home in on it to get a connection.

It is a good thing that these companies have set out to develop wireless products that can be used with existing technologies rather than developing a new one and making new gadgets to run this new technology. The eventful result of this is that more households and businesses were able to set up wireless networks easily that is based on the current technology that is readily available for everyone. This has given tremendous growth to the wireless network industry and it is seen to grow even more in the future.

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