Seven Daily Rambling’s

Seven Daily Rambling'sDay One

Welcome, to the sports review website. This is my first of what should be many rambling incoherent essays. Just to put things in perspective, I have been drinking since about 2:30 this afternoon I have not slowed down, and it’s about 10:30. Not much to me has happened in the world of sports today. I did, however, get this webpage actually posted. To tell ya’ll the truth I have had little or no time lately for sports. The big thing on all the talk shows today was the Heisman trophy, and I know less about who should get it than the 90% of the voters that never watch football. I suppose that I should have an idea of who should win, but I don’t. Dorsey is said to be pretty good best player in college I doubt it. It’s hard to get the right person for the trophy because there are just so many players I feel that the award should go to a defensive lineman or an offensive lineman, I mean really where would Dorsey be without that offensive line. Some people have told me that I should make more paragraphs, but instead I will just ramble on and on. Without worrying about coherency, or even if the words I type are actual words. I wrote a small article earlier about how Ken Griffey Jr. isn’t worth a Magglio Ordonez I just saw a stat on ESPN news that Junior only hit 8 HR’s last year, I mean come on. Poor guy was headed straight for the hall of fame, he should be the home run record holder. He got too caught up into himself I guess. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen to me. Still I would like him on the White Sox. Now in honor of my mommy, “Do they make white people that tall,” that’s what she said when we were watching sports center and she saw Yao Ming, really do they? I don’t like basketball I will let that known right away when it comes right down to the playoffs maybe the championship I might get a little interested in it for you guys. Oh, yeah that’s right college basketball is awesome during “March Madness” everyone has got to love that, I won’t have time for it this year since I will l be in Paramedic class during it. I will do my best for the fans to put some crazy stuff up here, including if I can figure out how to do it, my bracket. Tomorrow when I am a little more sober I will explain what I am trying to do with this website, and a little more of my personal history. Right now it is really about time to drink some more. I have to get some sort of e-mail system setup so that I can get some feed back. Maybe even a guest book yeah a guest book would be good. Another big thing on the news today is Mike Riley from New Orleans turning down the treasured Alabama job. The truth is, Mike Riley should be holding out for a professional job, according to everything I have heard the past two days he is too good of a coach and has been putting all of his time and energy into becoming a pro coach. How about getting him in Chicago, instead of that sissy Dick Jauron who is afraid to play Henry Burris because he is “not ready” even though he lit up the college ranks last year and is the only Bears quarterback that would be playing without a broken wheel and possibly a broken elbow, shoulder, and a glass skull too. I suppose that’s a whole other topic of it’s own. Hey baseball, lets do a true investigation into this whole Pete Rose issue and get it right, over the years we have screwed enough people. (As a White Sox fan don’t get me started with Shoeless Joe.) My feelings are that so long as Pete didn’t bet against his own team let him back into baseball with a full apology. Let him in the hall of fame, and let him coach again. Alright, why can’t the White Sox get Bartolo Colon, I don’t even think they are in the hunt for him what a shame such a wasted off season. ( I hope that isn’t true). Tomorrow if I can remember my name I will make some picks for Sundays games. Well, I have talked too much already, talk to you again tomorrow.

Day Two 

What an exciting day of football yesterday. I will get to that eventually but first, I want to say I’m sorry for the last rambling. I was drunk, if you couldn’t tell, and I apologize. From now on, I will not post anything while drunk, or without re-reading it. I will also try to do a better job of breaking up my statements into a more digestible form. I got many complaints from the last one. Alright now to the good stuff, I’ll try to talk about just a few things today even though my mind is so full of ideas that I want to put out there for everyone to read.  Look for a couple articles in the football section in the next couple of days regarding some various thoughts that I have had and some things I have heard on the radio / T.V. Including something about the Heisman which I know very little about, but since everyone else does I feel I need to ring in on it.  I am still working on the e-mail system, it is up and running but I will probably only check it once a week. The laptop I am working on is behind a firewall, and can’t see the mail server. So, if I want to check e-mail I have to go all the way downstairs and check it on Sara’s computer. I don’t like to walk up and downstairs, because it takes too much energy. If you want to e-mail me, and you don’t know my AOL e-mail please send it to .  Yesterdays football games were excellent teams who are not playoff contenders did not just roll over. Tampa Bay had a heck of a time with Detroit kudos to Detroit for making it a fight, and kudos to Tampa Bay for not over looking Detroit. The Bears, oddly enough, played a decent game, which started with the good showing from the offensive line. Seattle, who is in the midst of a losing season, played well enough against Atlanta to get the upset. I personally loved the game between Miami and Oakland. I am big Miami fan. I’ll do my best to touch upon a few of the highlights and what I really thought of a couple of these games during the week.  Other than football, there hasn’t been too much going on. I don’t watch professional basketball, but I did catch MJ missing 8 of 9 on sportscenter. Poor guy he was so good, that highlight reel is pretty ugly. I plan on writing one or two baseball articles with the winter meeting going on, and the Bartolo Colon trade looming. (It doesn’t look like it will be happening Whoo-Hoo). Anyway check around the site, send me some comments and ideas, and have a nice day.

Day Three

I don’t have too much to say today. I unfortunately didn’t get to watch the football game last night. The winter meetings in baseball are over without to much happening. I am glad that the Titans won, I think they are the better team.   I have little time for today to mess with the website; I need to work on the graphics a little bit. Not today, today I have to take a couple tests to see if I am smart enough to take paramedic class. I might not be. I will however, try not to stress about it.  To everyone taking finals this week, good luck. I hope I can see some of you on break. If it ever snows here, I want to do some snowmobiling. I have to do all my christmass shopping still, and with the number of people that live in Lake County that should qualify as a sport on its own. I went and saw “Maid in Manhattan,” last night, I was disappointed J-Lo did not look as good as she does in most films, she never got naked, and the love story was not well written.

Day Four

All right, it has been a long time. I am so sorry. The laptop I use to do this site crashed. However, I was able to cut and paste the registry back together and only have a few minor glitches.  I have missed a bunch of important football stuff. I really wanted to comment on the AFC playoff picture, but by the time I get any of this posted, it will all be figured out already. I will say that it is neat how the league has become so deep in talent.  I have also missed a bunch of college football games. I am off New Years Eve and New Year’s Day, so I will have a chance to watch a handful of the important games. This should be nice.  I want to do some pre-spring training stuff on baseball. I hope that I will have a chance to get to some of that.  Technically, I am looking for suggestions and trying to come up with some personal ideas on how to make the website look a lot better. I do not want it to look like I did it all with front page. Even though that is how I did it all. If I am lucky, I can get a friend that actually knows how to do some of this stuff to help me out. I have been recruiting some writers though, so look for some articles from people other than me. I am going to try and add some funny stuff, even if it has little or nothing to do with sports.

Day Five

I should be able to watch nothing but football and ESPN tomorrow. I will get a beer hat; you know the one with the straws and two beers. And all I will do is type articles. Maybe I’ll be able to get funny with a couple drinks in me.  So I told you guys last Saturday that I would be able to watch nothing but football all day on Sunday. It didn’t work out. I had a friend that wanted to hang out so I went over to her place. Not a good idea, she let me watch some football, I saw the first half of the Dolphins and the Patriots, I thought for sure the Dolphins had it. The only other football I saw was the last half of the Bears vs. Tampa game because I spent the first half on the phone with tech support for our DSL trying to get it to work on our new windows XP computer. This didn’t work so they sent the case on to the next level of technician and I am sitting at home on New Years Eve wondering if they will call today. They probably won’t. It would be nice to get it working because then I could check my e-mail from the laptop. Anyway, I am going to go try and get into a couple college football games, it’s hard when I am home alone. I have David, but he can’t hold his liquor like some other people I know. Everybody, have a happy new year. Good luck to Miami.

Day Six

Yea so first off, I’m not JW. But my writing is probably just as bad :). The only sports I’ve watched recently is “V8 SuperCars Austraila”, which sucked very badly. The cars were pretty, the exhaust notes were great, but there were no accidents! What’s up with that? All racing fans have to admit that part of the reason that they even watch racing is to see someone, or a lot of someone’s, crash and crash big. It’s just cool, parts flyin’ everywhere, cars catching on fire. It’s good stuff. But V8 SuperCars had none of that, and was almost completely devoid of any action. In the 30 minutes that I watched there was 1 pass. *yawn*  I’m watching Deer Hunting now, I’m not sure if that counts as a sport to the general public. I think it is, but that’s up for debate…It might actually be interesting if the guy got a shot off, or if he’d stop calling. Hmm..I guess they switched to Boar hunting now. The lady took a nice big boar with a pretty Knight blackpowder rifle. It’s good to see women hunting and doing things that men traditionally do. Out-doorsy chicks are the greatest. Well show’s over now so I guess we’re onto the next topic.  Simply put, I’m a computer geek. So when MS gave me the OK to download their new Windows .NET I jumped at the chance. After starting a network install and going to a movie (to pass the install time..) it was up and running on my laptop. Talk about cool, MS is going to make a killing on this. It’s good looking, pretty quick, smooth, and has a lot of good stuff built in. About 20 minutes later I had my own email server (out going and incoming) going on my LAN so my family can email each other locally. Not that they will ever get it of course, since I’m never home and the laptop comes with me, but still, the thought is nice. .NET is going to 0wn, MS hit the nail on the head this time.

Day Seven

I was working this Sunday, so I only watched bits and pieces of a few football games and have read some recaps of all the games this weekend. As I said in my rambling, I am very impressed by the level of competition in these games. I watched some of the Bears vs. Jets, the Dolphins vs. Raiders, the Buccaneers vs. Lions, and the Packers vs. 49’ers. I will just throw out some compliments and point out some of the bad things that I saw in those few games.  The Bears, Jets game was not a very good game as far as I am concerned. The Bears did pull of an upset victory, but at 4 and 10 it is too little too late. The Jets may have over looked a team that has an injured list that looks like they had a mid-season bus accident. As a professional team, the Jets should have known that a group of rookies has nothing to lose and everything to prove. Lets not forget that the man who recovered the fumble at the end of the game for the Bears is also the man who blew the coverage that would have put the Jets in great field position for a comeback had Chrebet remembered that his most important job is to protect the football not his own neck. I am hoping that the numbers the Bears offense put up is a tribute to a good performance by the offensive line. If those guys get there act together and start playing like they did last year, even Curtis Enis could run in NFL.  The Dolphins, Raiders game was an excellent game. I watched most of this game, as I am a Dolphins fan when things are going bad for the Bears. A good game all around for both teams despite a smothering Dolphins defense the offensive juggernaut that is Rich Gannon kept the team within striking distance well into the fourth quarter. Congratulations to Jason Taylor who had an outstanding performance and in my mind should be a candidate for league MVP. Jay Fiedler had a stand up performance, and Chris Carter finally caught a touchdown pass. Ricky Williams played like always though not running for over 200yds was kind of disappointing since we were getting used to it. I am really happy for the Dolphins. It’s just a shame that their coach is Dave Wannstedt.

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