Are you one of those people who want to put up a wireless network of computers but have no idea on how to go about it? You want to put up the best wireless network available but you have no idea what products are the best in the business today. In order to do that …Read More

wireless router

Wireless routers are the ultimate device that you need especially when you have two or more computers at home. These superb devices make your file sharing, simultaneous Internet connection, and multitasking possible. However, it does not necessarily mean that because these are high-tech gadgets and that they are still on its infancy, you will just …Read More


Most people kick off their journey to computing and wireless networking by shopping for the necessary items at once. In reality, that is the wrong first step for one reason: nearly everyone overcomplicates the process of buying a computer and its parts by not familiarizing with what their computer really needs. It is no wonder …Read More

How to Setup a Home Wireless Network

You will encounter the following terms about wireless home network so to make things more understandable, here is a quick vocabulary lesson: Access point – Aside from being a point of connection between users and networks, an access point is a transmitter and receiver of data via radio signals in the case of wireless gadgets. …Read More

Seven Daily Rambling’s

Day One Welcome, to the sports review website. This is my first of what should be many rambling incoherent essays. Just to put things in perspective, I have been drinking since about 2:30 this afternoon I have not slowed down, and it’s about 10:30. Not much to me has happened in the world of sports …Read More

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Five years ago, gamers rejoiced at the release of Super Smash Bros. Melee. It was considered to be the highlight of the Gamecube platform itself, and has accumulated massive response from the players. The mechanics of the game were studied- advanced techniques were found, tournaments created. People played the game almost religiously. Brawl is expected …Read More